MAY 13 TH TO MAY 15TH , 2022
This will be the fourth year that our strata has had the opportunity to work in partnership with the Nanaimo Fire Department organizing a Fire Smart Weekend to help reduce our exposure of damage to our common and private property due to wildfires.
Please refer to the following Fire Smart link for detailed information on fire smart landscaping tips and safety guidelines:
The Nanaimo Fire Department through the Fire Smart Program will fund the cost of large disposal bins for the collection of our yard and landscaping waste. Waste material includes burnable debris such as leaves, needles, twigs, broken branches, small shrubs as well as dry grasses. It is important to note that this clean-up does not include the disposal of large trees/branches and that these items are the homeowner’s responsibility for disposal.
Unfortunately, in the past these bins have been used by homeowners for the disposal of pet waste, sand, rocks, bricks, and other non-inflammable materials. We want to remind homeowners that disposal of non-flammable materials and over-filling of the bins could jeopardise our sponsored participation in this program in the future.
Please take advantage of this free service and our warmer weather to get your clean up completed. Further details including specific location of bins, etc. will be sent out the week of May 2nd and notices will also be posted on our mailboxes.
Sincerely, Grounds & Communication Committee