IS 830 – FAQ

What is a bareland strata?

A bareland strata divides land as opposed to buildings, like a traditional strata.  Homeowners in a bareland strata own their home and land, and anything that may occur on the land or in the home is the responsibility of the homeowner. 

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is for guests of Long Lake Heights.  Guests can park for up to seven (7) days without a permit or advising the Strata Corporation.  If your guests are staying longer than seven (7) days please inform your strata manager, as well as leave a note on the dash of the vehicle.  Homeowners are not permitted to use visitor parking, however, exceptions can be made under extraordinary circumstances, such renovations, building etc. 

Clients of homeowners that run a home-based business are not permitted to park in visitor parking and must park on the property where the business is located.    

Water Lines

Homeowners are responsible for water lines on their property up to where common property begins, which is usually the road.  Some homes have their own water shut off, however, some still do not.  If you experience a water emergency and require a water shut off and do not have your own water shut off please contact your strata manager @ 250-754-4001 during regular business hours (Mon – Fri – 830am – 430pm).  If your emergency occurs after hours please call our after-hours emergency number, 1-844-549-1085.


If a homeowner loses their mailbox key then it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact a locksmith to gain access and acquire a new key.  If new mailboxes have been installed and your key no longer works, please contact Canada Post at 1847 Wellington Rd.   Tel: 1-866-604-6301.

Fences / Privacy Panels

Pursuant to the Long Lake Heights Bylaws, no fence or privacy panel can be erected without written approval from Council.