Block Watch is a community-driven program which brings neighbours together through increased communication between themselves and the police.

Block Watches have two significant commitments:

  1.  To be concerned about your neighbours’ property as you would your own, and,
  2.  To report suspicious activity to the police and your neighbours.

For Long lake Heights to be designated a Block Watch community, 75% of our homeowners must agree to this designation. If we can reach this goal, signs will be installed at our major entrances to deter any criminal activity. Also, depending on who your home insurance provider is, you may be eligible for a reduction up to a maximum of 15 percent. Block Watch create a sense of community because you begin to know your neighbours as real people, not just the person who lives down the road. It also creates better communication between your neighbours and the police.

For more information please go to – If you are interested in having our community designated a Block Watch community and have not already done so, please complete the following information and email to David Howard at